Jane Austen's Tonbridge...

Jane Austen’s intrepid great-grandmother, Elizabeth Weller, was brought up in Bordyke and left Tonbridge to marry into the Austen family.

Jane’s grandparents are buried in the Church of St Peter & St Paul. Her father, George, was born in Tonbridge, educated at Tonbridge School and was later Second Master. Her great-great grandfather Thomas Weller leased Tonbridge Castle.

Her great uncle was an apothecary and lived at Blair House in the High Street.

There are many more associations to Jane Austen. Here are some extant buildings:

Powells where Jane’s father lived after he became orphaned.

Chauntlers where the Wellers lived (now divided into The Red House and The Priory).

Blair House where Jane Austen’s great-uncle, Thomas Austen, lived.

There is a circular walk to follow and the story is told in Margaret Wilson’s book: Jane Austen’s Family and Tonbridge

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