Dragon Boat Racing


The 'Big Bridge' Sunday 10t September

The Tonbridge Town Team will be running the fifth Tonbridge Dragon Boat Race on Sunday 10th September 2016. This is in addition to the Tonbridge Medieval Fair will be held on the Castle lawn on the 9th and 10th September..

There will be plenty to eat from the Street Food stalls which will be set up on the River Walk (local traders wishing to hire a pitch along the River Walk should contact the Town Team)

We now have 21 teams competing in this event, Each crew takes part in 3 heats and those with the fastest times will compete in the semis and finally the fastest three boats will go head to head in the final.go into the semis and finals. This makes the racing very exiting for both competitors and participants as there is an ever changing leader board right up to the end. The whole event takes place on the Medway right in the centre of town with the finishing line being the Big Bridge. It starts at 10am and should finish around 4pm.


Each boat comprises a team of 17 persons (16 rowers and 1 drummer !), however a team may comprise up to 20 members which allow some to rest.h more rowers can be added in as reserves. However, we would urge all teams to use the event to raise money for their chosen charity.

Each boat is steered by a professional helmsman (from Dragon Boat Events – which supplies the boats and all associated equipment. Prior to commencing the race all teams are given instructions and a practice run. The winning teams will be given medals and trophies.

There is also an additional trophy for the best dressed team! The theme of your team is an important part of the race and could be based on your chosen charity, characters from a film or a preferred colour (including wigs and face paint). There are no end of possibilities!

The Tonbridge Dragon Boat race, organised by Tonbridge Town Team, which is a non-profit making organisation. We are all volunteers and run the event as part of our objective to bring more visitors into the town in order to benefit local traders.

We would ask individual teams who wish to take part to use the event to raise funds for their chosen charity.

All teams are allocated a 4m x 4m space under the Castle walls and during the day there will be plenty of time for team members to visit the Medieval fare inside the castle.