Growing your family? Here are 3 great local resources to nourish Mind, Body & Soul In Tonbridge

Written by Charlotte Edun


Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, having a baby is a wonderful, but pretty unpredictable thing. This new little life will bring with it a unique, but complete, transformation to the family she’s born into. And it’s us Mums who are on the front line!
Amidst all intense joy, being a Mother can be lonely work sometimes. There are ups & downs. Frustrations to match the joys. And it can all come pretty fast & furious. Keeping up with an infant is exhausting work, and even if you’re on your A-Game, it’s vitally important to make sure that YOU are refreshed, restored & replenished. As the saying goes; you can’t pour from an empty cup!
With that in mind, here are 3 local organisations which can take the pressure off all new mums;
MIND - Nourish to Thrive
Run by Tonbridge Mum, Silke Thistlewood, & inspired by her own experience of post-natal depression, this Facebook group exists to encourage & support all Mums. In the hurly burly of the family day-to-day it can seem impossible to find time to focus on yourself, but Silke’s practical & realistic tips, and the support of the group, can help everyone to feel physically & mentally stronger, more resilient, calmer & happier.
Check in at to take inspiration for healthy habits, simple self-care, realistic nutrition & positive mindsets.
BODY – Cook
We hear often how healthy food habits have a beneficial effect on your mood, boost your energy & keep your body lean & efficient. But when you have a small baby who won’t be put down, or older children who thrive on chat….well, keeping inspired and enthusiastic can be a challenge, right? Enter Cook. Their home-cooked frozen meals mean that at least once in a while you can off-load the dinner chore. The range is pretty comprehensive, so whether you’ve got fussy eaters, special diets or are watching the calories, there’s something here for everyone.
And did you know their New Parent Discount Card entitles you to 10% off for 6 months!
SOUL - The Positive Birth Movement
The Positive Birth Movement started in 2012, when writer Milli Hill began to meet women who, like her, had not had a totally miserable experience of childbirth & mothering. Now, it’s a global network of 450 groups in 36 countries. It’s popular, says Hill, because “…we break down the walls that the so-called ‘birth wars’ try to build between women. We don’t hold any type of birth up above another. We’re just concerned with every women getting the best possible birth experience, for her, on that day.”
A revelation, right? So, if you had a ‘positive birth’ experience, or are pregnant and want to find out more about it – or would just like to spend time with women supporting other women in their mothering (and sometimes men too!), search for your local Positive Birth Movement group (groups are held locally in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks & Tunbridge Wells).


Charlotte Edun is a hypnobirthing coach and a Positive Birth Movement facilitator. Her mission is to help women start their mothering experiences empowered, and on the front foot, by helping them access real information about their bodies & their choices. She has 3 young children – each born after very different labours – and is not so much a birth junkie, as a women’s power junkie. She’s quite convinced that if men had uterus’s or grew placenta’s there’d be monuments to them all over the world.
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