Do you have the soul of a Dragon?

Have you ever wanted to do something different?
Maybe you want to release your inner Dragon?
Have you ever watched the annual Tonbridge Dragon Boat Race and thought is looks like fun?
Maybe you are part of a group who wants to join or maybe you are an individual who wants to find a group.
Many of our teams sign-up without a full team.
We will be taking Dragon team bookings from 1 May onwards so around then is a good time to start finding out if there are any teams looking for dragons to join them. The cost of a team is £400 which is usually shared between the rowers (minimum 17) so you can experience this amazing experience for a bargain price.
We welcome dragons of all ages, providing you:
> Can exert yourself to row the full course. If you have any doubts about your fitness request information before you decide from Dragon Boat Events:
> Would be comfortable in a life vest and able to swim confidently in case of an overturned boat. This has never happened in the last 5 years but every precaution needs to be taken. It is common sense that all team members are able to swim at least the (approx.) 200m distance of the course.
So why not join the Tonbridge Dragons Facebook group to find out more and get involved?
When posting about the dragons in social media please use #TonbridgeDragons and tag us @tonbridgetownte

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