Could You Lead a Weyr of Dragons?

If so, why not bring a team to compete in the annual Tonbridge Dragon Boat Race on the 9 September 2018?
For 6 years now the Tonbridge Town Team has hosted what is felt by many to be the Tonbridge event of the year. As on previous years, the success of the day relies on the professionalism and expertise of Dragon Boat Events – the company that supply the boats and equipment.
On the same weekend the Tonbridge Medieval Fair will be taking place on the Castle lawn and we at the Town Team will be organising stalls along the newly refurbished River Walk.
The cost is £400 for a team. You need a minimum of 17 team members but if your aim is sponsorship and fundraising, then more team members will raise more money for your chosen charity or cause! Whether you work together, are a group of friends or a group that wants to raise money for charity why not try something different?
You will go home having experienced an unforgettable day.Teams can apply to join from the 1st May. Please note you must pay the cost in full within 7 days of us confirming your place (email confirmation will include a link for you to make the on-line payment).
Join the Facebook group (not the defunct page) to be kept informed about how and when to enrol a team. We will also post useful information for participants.
Even if you don’t want to enter a team, by joining the group you can see the participant information and maybe could be tempted to join a team looking for a lone dragon to join them. You will also be in the right place to be informed about becoming a dragon next year.


When posting about the dragons in social media please use #TonbridgeDragons and tag us @tonbridgetownte
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